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SPRING 2015 - Chairman's Message

This issue will focus on the operation check, a critical part of Flight Judging. The Operations check is to ensure that each line item functions as it did when it left the factory, no more no less. Many judges including myself have been a bit lenient when it comes to ease of start or fast idle, because we want to encourage the owners. As judges, we are not helping the owner by just giving them a pass, because when they get to the next level, Regional or National meet, the judging become more stringent and this leaves the owners discouraged.

Here are a few examples beginning with ease of start and fast idle. The owner must set the choke and allow the engine to crank until its start. The engine should climb to approx 1200 to 1500 RPM on its own with out the aid of feathering the accelerator. Once the engine has been running for a few minutes, the owner should tap the accelerator and the idle should come down. This is the proper way to determine these 2 line items. In the case of cars being driven to the meet, the cold start should be done at the end of the event.

Here is an update on regarding clock function related by Dave Brigham. A quartz movement is now treated as inoperative and will receive a full deduct. I always had a problem determining the real sound, but now I know how to detect it. I just purchased a reconditioned one at the Florida swap meet and it doesn’t sound anything like the converted quartz one in my car. Yes, a quartz clock keeps the exact time over many years, but that is not what the car came with.

Wiper and windshield washer can be very temperamental (ISE). The water needs to squirt on the windshield, not the on judge or the next car and the wipers must park properly. Check the judging manual for specifi c operation for your vehicle. Probably the most overlooked item is the locks for the doors, glove box and truck (ISE). Both cars I judged in Florida had issues with the door locking mechanism and a truck lid could not be opened due to a misaligned/loose latch. Check your door lock with your keys, making sure they operate properly from inside and out. The glove box lock is often worn and will go past the stop position in the cylinder, and on the trunk latch (ISE) make sure the latch is properly aligned.

These items may seem trivial, but just count the points on the items I just mentioned, assuming that part credit was given on some items, at 25 points a line, fast idle -25, ease of start -25 wipers & washers -13, clock, -25, door locks -13. There are 126 points deducted out of the easiest 750 points attainable in Flight Judging. This can be the difference between at Top Flight, Second Flight or Third Flight.

To summarize, when placing your car on the field for judging, make sure everything works. Polishing and dusting the car receives zero points, so spend your time on the important things. If something goes south during the op’s check, don’t worry, you can achieve some bonus points, by doing these simple things, (3) for an NCRS window sticker, (3) for battery cut off switch and (3) fi re extinguisher and if you have all 3 its worth 10-bonus points. These are a few simple tips to help you achieve Top Flight Award.

Regional Update: Feb 2015

I thought it would be informative to update the membership with a progress report for the 2016 Regional. We have signed the contract with CWH (Canadian War Plane Museum) and have selected the host hotels. Volunteers are going to be the key in making this event a success, so if you’re interested, please contact me at And let me know your availability. We are also working with Quad C to have a huge display of Corvettes on the Saturday. So save the date, September 22nd thru Sept 24th.

Pat Heimrath