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Membership in the Ontario Chapter requires membership in the US based NCRS. The annual National membership fee is $42 US currency. Annual membership fees for the Ontario Chapter are $25 Canadian currency. 

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NCRS Ontario Chapter

There are many reasons that all of us have joined the NCRS and specifically the Ontario Chapter. The main one is to enjoy corvetting. Many of us approach the hobby from different aspects, some of us love the history of the marque, others it's the tech side with all the intricacies involved in the restoration and preservation of these engineering marvels, there are those that love to just enjoy the beauty of possessing an automotive icon, and let's not forget the folks who just love the wind in their hair and burble of the exhaust as they blast down a back road on a summer day, breathing in all that life in a vintage Corvette has to offer. Whether our vettes are Solid Axles, Mid-years, Chrome Bumper Sharks, Softnose Sharks, C4's or C5's the one thing we all harbour is our desire to share our love and enjoyment of these cars.

Spring 2014

Chairman's Mesage

I just heard on the news tonight that daylight savings time happens this weekend, March 9 at 2 AM would normally indicate that spring is just around the corner. By looking out the window and checking the thermometer -12 C at noon, I think we have a ways to go.
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